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Database of reports

If you are a journalist, researcher, or just interested in environmental crimes, you can download for free all the reports that have been directed to Syri Gjelber.
Note: The database updates every time that a crime is reported to Syri Gjelbër.

The suspect or perpetrator of the crime Crime Reasons Crime Type Date of Event Location of Event Description Details Photo
Taxidermy 31/05/2017 Pukë Stuffed Golden eagle exposed in a restaurant in Puka. The golden eagle carries out a protection status in Albania
Taxidermy 10/05/2017 Patok Stuffed Sea turtle exposed in a restaurant in Patoku lagoon, Lezha county. The sea turtle carries out a protection status in Albania
Taxidermy 04/01/2021 Voskopojë Stuffed Grey wolf in a restaurant in Voskopojë
Taxidermy 27/01/2021 Korçë Stuffed brown bear in a bar in Korçë city.
Intentional fire 28/04/2017 Fterë, Vlorë Intentional fires in Vlora area, Fterë
Intentional fire 28/04/2017 Lëpushë, Malësi e Madhe Intentional fires in Lëpushë
Illegal logging 06/03/2019 Munellë, Pukë Logging and cutting trees in Munella region.
Other 15/01/2022 Nartë, Vlorë Raw material stored in Vjosa-Narta protected landscape
Other 06/03/2021 Fllakë, Durrës Raw material stored in Fllaka area, a protected area
Other 03/10/2020 Fllakë, Durrës Raw material stored in Fllaka area, a protected area
Poaching 21/11/2020 Fllakë, Durrës Hunting hides identified in Fllaka area, Durrës.
Poaching 21/11/2020 Fllakë, Durrës A poacher has been captured with a gun and a Mallard in his hands.
Poaching 18/09/2021 Fllakë, Durrës During the regular monitoring of the poaching activity in Fllakë area, Durrës, PPNEA found tape lures ore electronic device callers used for hunting the Common quail. We informed the police, and the device has been removed.
Wildlife poisoning 11/12/2019 Mallakastër A red fox (Vulpes vulpes) had been found poisoned. The perpetrator of the crime remained unknown, but the motive or the reason behind was suspected to be the predation of fox on the chickens and chicks of the inhabitants.
Wildlife poisoning 31/01/2018 Kopaçëz, Delvinë A shepherd part of the Savers of Egyptian vultures Network informed PPNEA about a poisoned bird he had found. After the identification, the bird resulted to be the Rough Long legged buzzard (Buteo lagopus). The reasons or motive of this poisoning was unknown.